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Research Projects

You have a great idea but are not sure of the engineering or the economic feasibility? Let us help, we can run the figures for you and give you an understanding of the return on investment, or how long the project or capital kit will take to pay for itself.
Dorset Biosolutions can help investigate the following for your organisation:-


  • Biogas and electric energy from agro-food/farming waste
  • Biomethane from biogas for transport – avoid fluctuations in diesel
  • CO2 separation from biogas - high value byproduct of making biomethane
  • Utilisation of biowaste as energy – increase your profits
  • Circular economy – turn waste into feedstock 
  • Biorefining of waste biomass to yield high value second generation feedstocks
  • Water treatment – reduce pollution, use less water
  • Upscale bioresources – extractions/ break down algae/lignincellulose
  • Biofuels and oils – extracted from biomass waste
  • Oils – upscaling of crude oils