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Emma Greenwood

Co-founder & Director

"Finding synergy and the win-win scenario where the environment, society and business benefits is what makes my work rewarding and a pleasure."

Emma is a consultant, R&D and business development manager of CaviMax and Farmergy, and a Director of Dorset Biosolutions. She is a scientific engineer qualified and experienced in the disciplines of environmental protection, circular bio-economies, process intensification, ammonia reduction, air and water pollution control, sustainable architecture and renewable energies. She is also a full member of the Water Management Society.

She researches and develops new markets and applications for the CaviMax hydrodynamic cavitation technology and Farmergy product range. She has built strategic partnerships with industry and academic institutions alike and has built a large network of fellow scientists, engineers, heads of innovation and industry across multiple disciplines, industries, sectors and countries.

Previously her career was in water and air hygiene treatment, starting as a graduate engineer, service engineer, project engineer, sales engineer, and finally national contracts manager. She started out as they say ”on the tools” and worked her way up through the engineering and management ranks.

She has developed a diverse set of skills and applies regenerative thrivalist (as best practice) and sustainable (as a minimum standard) systems and market analysis principals to whatever project she is working on and is as comfortable designing scientific and engineering projects as she is navigating the complexities of market, social and economic forces and political frameworks in a variety of global contexts and settings.

She can also teach, train and disseminate complicated information to the given audience at hand, breaking down difficult subjects or concepts to bring divergent stakeholders together.

Dorset Biosolutions have the tools and the know how for the circular economy, we have the expertise and can investigate and facilitate the following projects, including supply and installation of our entire product range for:-

renewable gases
CO2 capture
bioCNG for transport
cutting edge biological air pollution products
energy from waste
new feedstocks opened up
circular bioeconomies
  • Interested but not sure whether this applies to you? If you are at the start of a project and are looking for ways to give your product the processing, sustainability and marketing edge then get us in for a chat.
  • If you are already up and running and are looking to lower your carbon footprint, engage with the circular economy and decrease costs, then likewise, we not only have the great ideas, the engineering team but also a range of products to help you achieve these goals. 
  • We are very approachable and love 'out of the box' brain storming, so as a wise lady once said 'looking is for free' get in touch and see how we can make you look a clever so and so to your fellow company members and to your customers. 
  • Day-to-day roles include carrying out research projects, theorizing innovative product uses and testing their effectiveness within given industries, collaboration with emerging markets to enable access to circular and low carbon economies, project management, feasibility studies, bringing innovation to the biogas industry to increase biogas yield of anaerobic digestion plants.
  • We investigate and provide new ways to decarbonise industry at the national and company scale, working from from either direction, whether bottom up, top down or side to side, we can provide data that you need to decide how to reduce your processing carbon footprint.
  • Presenting at trade shows, seminars and conferences, networking and building new teams, producing marketing materials and advertisements, authoring and maintaining websites, managing social media,
  • All with the aim to provide our customers with products and solutions to increase the sustainability ratings of their organisation, reduce pollution as well as increasing their profit margins.
"Splicing heritage science with new tech for novel applications, providing maximum impact for decarbonisation across multiple markets and processes - that's what we do best." Emma