Land & Sea Farming, Agriculture & Agriforestry

Dorset Biosolutions have a range of products to serve the regenerative agritech sector and reduce pollution and emissions of the land and sea farming & agriculture, water treatment industries and a whole raft of industrial processes.

We are in the process of updating ourwebsite to showcase the new regenerative agriculture products, technologies and supply chains we have been busy onboarding over the past few months.

Low carbon biomass processing units utilising green solvents and extraction fluids

Soil Regeneration

Ammonia Reduction

Biostimulant for land crops

Verrtical Indoor Farming

For dairy, beef & poultry farming we've a range of floating and self supporting slurry / manure silo and lagoon covers; a range of lagoon liners and mixers available to suit your operation.
The Ecobag provides environmentally friendly slurry and anaerobic digestion end digestate storage, ideal if you need to increase the size of your herd or biogas plant quickly and at a reasonable price. As an extra benefit, storing slurry and digestate in an enclosed environment maximises the nutrient content of your soil conditioner and fertiliser before application to land, reducing NOx emissions from agriculture and farming.
We enable you store slurry, water, fuels and liquids safely and in an environmentally friendly, pollution controlling manner - with a bonus of extra plant growth