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Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico

The Project

Low Carbon Business Action (LCBA) in Mexico is a Project funded by the European Union (EU) that aims to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Mexico.

  • mapping exercise in Mexico and the EU countries to classify and detail profiles of industries and entities that are interested in setting up cooperation partnership agreements in this field.
  • Screening  of needs, existing technology gaps, possible funding in Mexico.
  • At the same time, a pool of potential Mexican consumers of green technologies together with suppliers from the European Union is created.
  • In the EU, the Project team explores the best offer and technical capacity to supply solutions (advanced Green technologies) for the identified needs.

The project will provide business opportunities for both the European Union and Mexico in these specific sectors:

  • Energy Efficiency: building and industry

  • Waste Management

  • Wastewater Management

Any sector of interest to the Mexican industry especially in terms of decarbonisation of electricity generation will be considered.

Dosrset Biosolutions and our Mexican partners are carrying out a feasibility study into the prospect to utilise the organic wastes streams within the business, to reduce the fossil carbon emissions.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, it is anticipated that the conversion of these wastes firstly into biogas, and then convert that biogas via a bio refinery into biomethane and CO2.

These could be utilised within the business as a road fuel and CO2 for sale to the open market, it is anticipated that with correctly targeted state of the art technology, that our Mexican partners business would also benefit from reduced fuel costs.

The study includes:-

  • Analyse the feedstock sources and biogas potential
  • Analyse the energy consumption of the business.
  • Assess the regulatory framework around the production and use of alternative fuels within Mexico
  • Assess the market dynamics for CO2 within Mexico and locate potential interested customers
  • Formulate a technical solution for both biogas production and upgrading
  • Formulate a technical solution for the storage and transport of the subsequent output streams
  • Formulate a technical solution for the dispensing of biomethane.
  • Formulate a technical solution for the utilisation of the biomethane, in the form of duel fuel truck conversions, or locating trucks that run as gas powered units  (Compressed natural gas –CNG)

Should you wish to carry out similar feasibility studies for your busines then please get in touch.