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The technical roots of our company start in the era of Socialist Czechoslovakia where we honed our skills of making dependable, reliable, long-lasting products since there was no market economy driving the manufacturers to produce just for the warranty period. This design philosophy is still with us in terms of how we approach the products for our clients.

Our company was founded to bring the most up to date and robust biogas to biomethane upgrade plant to the market by integrating 21st century technological trends with our 40 years of research, development and practical construction experience. Our clients demand 100% compatibility with natural gas and we deliver.

-  When it comes to biogas upgrading, pressurized water scrubbers are the safest market solution in terms of variability tolerance to both biogas flow rate and inlet quality (as the process is not sensitive to dust particles, H­2S level fluctuation etc.). We take it a step further as our system features an integrated biogas pre-treatment system – a biogas compressor sucking clean biogas in – to boost the lifetime of the entire biomethane plant.

-  Currently, pressurized biogas water scrubbers carry a significant price premium. We at GAStanco Ltd. have made it our mission to change this for clients as our prices is tens of % lower than technically comparable producers with production based in the eastern part of the EU.

With GAStanco you can rest easy knowing you’re getting top-quality pressurized biogas water scrubbers at a striking discount, lowering initial investment costs in projects to ensure they succeed more consistently.

-  Our research & development is tied into the 20 years of ongoing research into biogas/biomethane taking place in Nitra at the Agricultural university’s biogas plant. This site is the first (and currently the only) practical research biogas plant in the Slovak republic (plus was the 1st BGP build in Eastern Europe).

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